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For Over 25 years LBDC......continues to embody those magical elements that make us unique.

A focus on community and family, presenting dance as art (not competition sport), providing a structured foundation in ballet, while offering modern and jazz (& jazz hip-hop). We grow minds not just dancers.

And we believe, though dance is an expressive and beautiful art form in it's own right, it's also an avenue for people to relate, form community, resolve whatever is relevant to them and build lasting relationships. For 25 years we've held fast to our mission.

LBDC collaborates with partnering programs, offering ways for dancers to gain recognition in other facets; Wehmann Agency, Michelle Hutchison Behind The Camera Workshop, Perpich Center For Arts, Cindy Smedberg Community Ed, Lynn Blumenthal Casting, Linden Hills Live, The Fringe Fest, Children's Theater Company, local and residential theater.

Join us as we dance and grow together!

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