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Annabel's classes are a way for students wanting to become proficient, who like to work hard and appreciate discipline and curriculum.

Private lessons are available $40 per 1 hour for 1 student

$30 for two students and $25 for three students.

Voganova Ballet Coaching is avaialable for $75 per hour for 1 sudent, $55 for 2 students and $35 for 3 students.

2-5 days a week reccomended for coaching.

Annabel's Master Ballet


Annabel Kol Balfour has quite extensive training. Besides dancing with LBDC (the family business since she was a baby) she has also studied under Gloria Govern NYC Ballet and Erin Baltes at Minnesota Dance Theater through age 11. She then transferred to ballet master Tatiana Beronova of the Bolshoi. She has had training with Natsuko Oshima of the Kirov, Clayton Cunningham of the Paris Opera and Casey Jewel Metropolitan Ballet. Nationally and internationally, Annabel has also studied under Marat Daukayev in Los Angeles of the Kirov ballet, Guillermo Carrillo of the Cuban ballet, and La Escuala se Ballet Clasico in Sinaloa Mexico for 5 winters. Annabel has studied at th Russian Kirov in DC, Gelsey Kikland NYC and Alvin Ailey Dance Theater NYC and at National Ballet of Canada in Toronto, she certainly is dancing at Skidmore college in Saratoga Springs NewYork.

Annabel has studied other types of dance as well, hip hop and jazz training under Yaya Diaz from Dance Tellez in Mazatlan, and Irish step from LBDC's own Danielle Enblom who is a fiddler and Irish step award winner now in Ireland. And Horton technique at Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and with Pavielle Versalles. Annabel has had Flamenco at Zorongo dance company.

As a performer she has been in films, tv commercials and on the radio.

Annabel's is born and bred LBDC and it shines through! She is nurturing fun and confidence building!

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