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Art Intervention

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Welome To Anna's Art Intervention!

Anna is a designer annaberglindesign.comand orignally an art major and psycholgy major bla bla bla. She has two boys that are wild about art! But more importantly she is CRAZY-FUN and REALLY REALLY Creative!

We like felt Gnomes as much as the next guy and we totally dig hand turkeys BUT.... there will be none of that going on here!

Think more in terms of: giant murals, junk fashion shows, huge paper mache rubber duckies that get sailed down the river (yes we really did that). Think Obama soap, dog collage prtraiture, stop motion, tube sock door stops, crazy lamp shade design, fuzzy wallets with google eyes, bath confections, tea lites, lanterns, magazine goes on and on. Anna can also help you in the classical techniques of art (drawing and painting, that sortof thing).

Common questions you might have:

What if I get hungry during Art Intervention?

We serve an arty snack! We like artsey food like art-ichokes!

What if I am 17 years old?

That's not too old. Teenagers are welcome and love Art Intervention! Anna is pretty chill and kindof a giant teenager herself.

What if I'm a boy?

We don't make girly art unless you really really really want to! Art intervention is for boys girls and everything inbetween.

What if I am a mom and I want to do it too?

well okaaaay, you can join us!

What is art?

Anna and Laura think, if it wasn't created by mother-nature it was created by an artist.

An artist is a visinary, a designer, a creater. Someone who makes what they feel and gets people to feel things about what they make. Maybe an artist makes things interesting, thought-provoking or functional.

You are an artist.

when are workshops?

Just email us and we will tell you what is up!

click that cute picture of the Obama soap on the right of the page!

Contact us for more info! Click here...

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