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LEVEL 4 Grade 5-6 Option 1 (one class): Tues 6-7:00 $78 per month

Option 2 (two classes): Tues 6:00-7 followed by ballet 7-8:00.

Or come to class Tues 6-7:00 returning Thurs for ballet 7:00-8:00 $136 per month for two classes a week.

Option 3 (three classes): Tues 6-7:00 followed by ballet either Tues 7:00-8 or Thurs 7:00-8:00

then add a third class Thurs 6-7:00 for more intense training $204 per month, for three classes a week.

Option 4 (four classes) recommended for the dance die hard!: Tues 6:00-7, ballet 7-8:00

then come Thurs 6:00-7, followed by ballet 7:00-8:00 right after. $272 per month, for four classes a week.

Option 5 Apprentice: By referral and audition only. Kids in apprentice come to four classes a week as above

but also come to a fifth class on Thurs 5:00-6:00. $340 per month, for 5 classes a week.

Opton 6 Students in level 5 may attend Horton Style Modern Thursdays from 8-9 :00 in a ddition to anythng else they might be doing.

Option 7 Inquire about private lessons by contacting us, or check out Annaballet!

LEVEL 5 grade 7-9 Same class optionsas above

LEVEL 6 Highscl Option 1 Come once a week to any class you that work in your schedule. Choose from Tues 6-7:00 class, Thurs 6-7:00 class, Tuesday 7-8 ballet, or Thurs 7-8:00 ballet. crunch rate of $68 per month.

Option 2 come to any two hours a week that you can, choose from the classes listed above.

Option 3 Horton Modern can be taken on its own or with the schedule of your choice above. $78 er month or $68 if it is in addition to another class.

More to check out:

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Level 4-6

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