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Q & A

Ask Nina about it!

Nina is a dancer just ike you!

What is apprentice to the company?

Apprentice students meet 5 times a week for class and will be tested for Coaching too (see the page called COACHING for more information)

What is the Coaching? LBDC coaches dances who ant to have professional training. There is page all about it!

What about highschool? High schoolers can take advantage of our crunch rate opportuniy. Basically you pay for one or two classes a week and you pick frome anyting on the schedule, which is cool because highschool is a busy time. Check out the page called Lev 4-6.

What is application? Sometimes we call regular class "application class" this is because our pieces or dances, all choreagraphy and a mix of styles are taught or applied in applicatin class. This is a space to apply what you might have learned in ballet or Horton foundation class.

What is Foundation? Foundation is either ballet or Horton technique class. This is becase these techniques lay the foundation for students.

Do kids perform? Yes! Our performance is usully after winter break! And again the first week of June. We also sometimes perform at Linden Hills Live, and a variety of schools.

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