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level 1-3

LEVEL 1 Preschool Tuesday 5:00-6:00 $48 per month

LEVEL 2 Grade K-2- Tuesday 6:00-7:00 $68 per month

LEVEL 3 Grade 3-5 Option 1 (one class): Tuesday 6:00-7 - $68 per month

Option 2 (two classes): Tuesday 6:00-7 add Foundation Ballet class either

Tuesday 7:00-8 or Thursday 7:00-8 -$136 per month, for two classes.

Option 3 (three classes): Tuesday 6:00-7 add ballet either Tuesday 7:00-8 or Thursday 7:00-8

add a third class, intensive training Thurs 6-7:00 -$204 per month, for three classes

Option 4 (four classes) recommended for the dance die hard!: Tues 6:00-7 with ballet 7:00-8 right after,

Thursday 6:00-7 ballet right after 7:00-8. -$272 for 4 classes.

Option 5 Apprentice I: By referral only. Kids in apprentice come to four classes a week as above but

also add Thursday 5:00-6:00 -$340 per month for 5 classes.

Option 6 Inquire about private lessons, or check out Annaballet!

Option 7 Some level 3 students may take Horton Modern class Thursday 7-8, in addition to the other

classes on their schedule.

Please click here to learn about dresscode

please click here to learn about ANNABALLET.

please click here to learn about private lessons

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